Just published: The 7th edition of GENETIC DISORDERS AND THE FETUS: DIAGNOSIS, PREVENTION, AND TREATMENT is now available from Wiley & Sons.  The editors have added three new chapters to this edition (non-invasive prenatal screening, placental genetics, and the psychology of prenatal and perinatal grief) to complement the complete revision of existing content.  Get your copy today!


October 2017

The 34th Annual Conference on Obstetrics, Gynecology, Perinatal Medicine, Neonatology, and the Law, scheduled for the Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort, Maui, Hawaii on January 2-6, 2018.

There has been a brisk registration and very few rooms are left at this spectacular resort. We advise everyone to register and to make hotel reservations immediately.

The 18th Annual Multispecialty Conference which interdigitates with the 34th Annual Conference, is focused on Medical Negligence and Risk Management in Medicine, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, and Family Medicine, scheduled at the same resort on January 5-8, 2018. Most people register for and attend both conferences.

Among the huge number of highly favorable comments about this continuing medical and legal education courses are the following:

  • “This was an exceptional conference, as usual. This is my tenth conference and they are all fantastic.”
  • “Best conference I have ever attended!”
  • “I have been in law practice for 38 years. This is the best conference I have ever attended.”

Reviews of the 33rd year conferences showed 81% of registrants rated the conference as excellent, 19% as good!

June 2017

Dr. Aubrey Milunsky and Dr. Jeff Milunsky’s latest edition of their book, Genetic Disorders and the Fetus: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment, was reviewed in the June edition of European Journal of Human Genetics.

May 2017

Our Co-Director, Dr. Jeff Milunsky, was interviewed by the The Berkshire Eagle about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.…/ehlers-danlos-syndrome-you-just-ha…

Dr. Aubrey Milunsky’s article, The “New Genetics” in Clinical Practice: A Brief Primer, was published in this month’s Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine.

Milunsky A. The “New Genetics” in Clinical Practice: A Brief Primer. Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 2017;30( 3 377-379).

April 2017

Dr. Aubrey Milunsky was interviewed by WBUR 90.9 FM for it’s news piece, FDA Approves Companies Telling Consumers Genetic Risks Associated With Diseases.
Dr. Jeff Milunsky delivered the OBGYN Grand Rounds lecture on Thursday, April 6 at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center.

“Intellectual disability, Autism, Developmental delay and the Genome: Issues, Ethics and Law.”

March 2017

In collaboration with the Nora Theater at the Central Square Theater, Dr. Aubrey Milunsky, will be leading a post show discussion of the play, PRECIOUS LITTLE, after the matinee performance on March 19, 2017. Come join the discussion.

February 2017

Dr. Aubrey Milunsky gave the grand rounds lecture, “New Genetics in Obstetrics Practice,” at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center.

October 2016

Aubrey Milunsky, M.D., D.Sc. presents On Learning Genetics: Lessons from the Law. Grand Rounds in Obstetrics & Gynecology at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, October 13 in Boston, MA.

July 2016

Aubrey Milunsky, M.D., D.Sc. presents Diagnostic Gene Studies for Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction at the AGMD Digestive Motility Patient & Family Conference July 29-30 in Bedford, MA.

January 2016

Aubrey Milunsky, M.D., D.Sc. and Jeff Milunsky, M.D. served as Co-Directors of the 32nd Annual Conference on Obstetrics, Gynecology, Perinatal Medicine, Neonatology, and the Law and the 16th Annual Multispecialty Conference on Medical Negligence & Risk Management, January 2 – 8, 2016, San Juan, PR.

Dr. Aubrey Milunsky presented the following lectures:
Hypoxia or Genetic Disorder: The Genetic Defense. Really?
Failures in Communication: A Common and Direct Route to Litigation

Dr. Jeff Milunsky presented:
Clinical Catastrophes of Connective Tissue Disorders: Medical and Legal Complications
Intellectual Disability, Autism, Developmental Delay and the Genome: Issues, Ethics and Law

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