2018 Conference

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WaileaAerialwithflower34th Annual Conference
January 2-6, 2018
Obstetrics, Gynecology, Perinatal Medicine, Neonatology, and the Law
18th Annual Conference
January 6-8, 2018
Medical Negligence, Risk Management, Medicine, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, and Family Medicine
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  • This was an exceptional conference, as usual. This is my 10th conference and they are all fantastic.
  • Great, well-respected and very knowledgeable speakers, pertinent topics for both physicians and medical malpractice lawyers, and well organized and presented content.
  • The “gold standard” for birth trauma conferences! This conference far exceeded my expectations, as most speakers were very engaging and well-prepared. I most certainly will be back in the future.
  • Very good seminar! The combination of lawyers and physicians provided a very nice dynamic and it’s always enlightening to hear problems analyzed from different perspectives.
  • “Best conference I have ever attended!” (comments from many participants)
  • “Thanks for creating such a unique type of conference – my 5th and always interesting, informative and useful”
  • “Always an outstanding program, superlative faculty, and an exotic location”
  • “As always an excellent course.”
  • “A wonderful conference.”
  • 77% of registrants rated the conference as excellent, 20% as good for the 33rd year.
  • “I have been in law practice for 38 years. This is the best conference I have ever attended.”


We look forward to seeing you in January, 2018! 

For all queries, please contact Dr. Aubrey Milunsky.

Aubrey Milunsky, M.D., D.Sc.
Conference Chair
Director, Center for Human Genetics