Genetic Services

Specific expertise and on-site testing available for many conditions including:

ResearchMany indications exist for genetic counseling and evaluation. Referrals are especially recommended in the following situations:

  • A personal or family history of a genetic disorder
  • Evaluation of developmental delay, intellectual disability, and/or birth defects
  • Carrier testing due to specific ethnic backgrounds (e.g., Ashkenazi Jewish, French-Canadian, Mediterranean, African American, etc.) or consanguinity
  • A previous child with a birth defect or developmental delay
  • A personal history of multiple miscarriages
  • The risk of recurrence of a genetic disorder
  • The treatment or care of a genetic disorder
  • Personal and/or family history of a hereditary cancer predisposition

To schedule a genetics evaluation/counseling appointment, please call 617-492-5106. We request that pertinent medical records be faxed to 617-492-7092 prior to appointments.