Prenatal Samples

Sample Requirements (Prenatal) for Chromosome Analysis

10 mg clean, dissected villi in culture medium.
Alternatively, send only cultured cells. Establish a back-up culture in case of subsequent loss.

Amnio (direct):
20 cc fluid at room temperature.

Amnio (cultured cells):
2 T25 flasks of confluent cells at room temperature.
Maintain a back-up culture in case of subsequent loss.

Products of Conception:
Prefer liver, lung, pancreas, or spleen in sterile culture medium or saline, and should reach laboratory within 24 hours.

  1. Label all samples with the patient’s full name, pack in a sealed plastic bag, and place in a container with absorbent material. Send the sealed container by overnight express with priority delivery. DO NOT USE EXPRESS MAIL THROUGH THE POST OFFICE. Send samples to arrive Monday through Friday. Do NOT mail on Friday.
  2. Include the Prenatal Diagnosis Requisition Form along with the sample. Please fill in these forms as completely as possible. We must have the name and birth date of the patient, the name and phone number of the referring physician, the test ordered, ICD-9 diagnosis, and the indication for the testing.
  3. Address all samples to:
    Center for Human Genetics, Inc.
    Riverside Technology Center
    840 Memorial Drive, Suite 101
    Cambridge, MA 02139
  4. If you have any questions, please call 617-492-7083 or FAX 617-492-7092

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