• Draw 2 green top (sodium heparin) tubes of blood (10cc) from each adult. For children, draw 3-5cc of blood in a green top tube. For infants, draw 0.5-3cc of blood in a green top tube. Label the tubes with the patient’s full name and date of birth. Maintain the sample at room temperature.
    • Pack the tubes in a sealed plastic bag and place in a container with sufficient material to absorb the entire volume of blood if the tubes should break to prevent the possible spread of blood-bourne pathogens. Send the sealed container by overnight messenger with priority delivery on the same day as recommended. DO NOT USE EXPRESS MAIL THROUGH THE POST OFFICE. Send the samples to arrive Monday through Friday, as we are not open on the weekend. If a sample is collected on a Friday, do not mark for Saturday delivery. Federal Express will normally deliver the sample on the following Monday.
    • Include the Chromosome Study Requisition along with the sample. Please fill in these forms as completely as possible. We must have the name and birthdate of the patient, the name and phone number of the referring physician, the test ordered, the indication for testing, and ICD-9 diagnosis code.
    • Address all samples to:
            ATTN: Cytogenetics Laboratory
                  Center for Human Genetics, Inc
                  Riverside Technology Center
                  840 Memorial Drive, Suite 101
                  Cambridge, MA 02139
    • If you have any questions, please call the Cytogenetics Coordinator at 617-492-7083.

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